Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year, New Goals

Now that the madness of Christmas is gone, and our pockets our empty, it's time to start thinking about "resolutions". I use that term loosely because honestly, I kinda cringe every time I hear it. We have to resolve to do all these things we know we are never going to accomplish. Top on my list (just like every other year and has yet to be resolved) losing some weight. The pounds seem to creep on, but why don't they ever creep back off? But that is another word i cringe at "DIET" just saying it makes me hungry! So let's say instead of dieting, I'm trying to be more cautious of what I eat and trying to work out. Another goal I have this year is to be better about my blog. I'm horrible at journal keeping and keeping up with scrap booking, so maybe if I can just throw a few pictures on here throughout the year and write about them I won't feel so guilty about failing at those other two things. Those are the only resolutions I will share on here, because they are the only ones that will be noticeable if I accomplish them (I'm hoping it will be motivation if others are watching to see if I actually do these things) The rest of my goals for this year are on a more personal level.
I can't believe how fast 2011 went by. It was truly the year that was "the best of times and the worst of times" I was terrified to move my family to Oklahoma for 5 months, but it ended up being so fun! We made some lifelong friends and some amazing lifelong memories. Keyton wants to move back there. It taught us that we don't need a big nice house and a gazillion toys (or even an oven) to keep us happy. We can have fun anywhere! It also taught me personally that I can actually survive without my family (i.e. sisters, parents, sister-in-laws, and best friends). Which I honestly didn't think I could do. I am stronger than I thought. There were definitely days that I struggled, but I did it! Now I just treasure living close to them that much more. So, coming home for us was very bittersweet. One of my fondest memories of 2011 was taking the kids to Seaworld in San Antonio. Seeing their precious faces the entire day was such a joy for me. I love to watch them discovering new things. And of course I can't forget our trip to Cancun. It was so fun to get to spend a week with Trevor without our kids. We had forgotten what that felt like. We got to do some amazing things and had so much fun with the group of friends that we went with. I will NEVER forget the color of the water, the view from my balcony, swimming with a dolphin, and of course Trevor nosediving into the pool! Good times. I can't wait to see what 2012 brings us!

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