Thursday, February 26, 2009

Husband Tag

♥ How long have you been together? Married 5 years and 5 days
♥ How long did you know each other before you started dating? A couple of weeks maybe

♥ Who asked who out? Funny story, truth be told, we made out one night and I was so afraid I would never see or talk to him again, but he called the next day and asked me out. What can I say????
♥ How old are each of you? Technically, I'm 24 and Trevor is 26 but we still both feel like we are 18. Man we are getting old!

♥ Whose siblings do/ did you see the most? About the same. We are close to all of them, but we probably see Trevor's sister Cristy the most. We love inviting her over a few times a week, she is the best sister and aunt to us.

♥ Do you have any children together? Yes, a 3 yr old boy named Keyton and another monster on the way!

♥ What about pets? We have a yellow lab named Sevy and she is my baby. We have had her since about a week after we got married and she is the sweetest dog most of the time.

♥ Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple? I think the hardest on me is the uncertainty of not knowing when Trevor will have to go to Iraq or Afghanistan for the military. It is something I worry about every day.

♥ Did you go to the same school? No, we were rivals. Bear Lake and Soda Springs

♥ Are you from the same home town? No, but we are really close which makes it nice when going home to see family.

♥ Who is the smartest? Me of course. No just kidding, it would just depend on the subject.

♥ Who is the most sensitive? Me for sure. I bawl all the time and Trevor never shows emotion.

♥ Where do you eat out most as a couple? Not sure, we love lots of places. Our favorite is probably Wingers.

♥ Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? California twice

♥ Who has the craziest exes? Trevor does for sure. Crazy stalkers, that's all I'll say.

♥ Who has the worst temper? I will have to own up to that one. Trevor rarely has a temper, he is the peacemaker in our home and I am the instigator.

♥ Who does the cooking? I cook the most but Trevor will always help me when he is home.

♥ Who is more jealous? I don't think either of us is very jealous. I'd have to ask Trevor if he is jealous.

♥ How long did it take to get serious? Not long. I think once we started dating there wasn't a day we were apart or didn't talk on the phone. I guess when you know, you know right?

♥ Who does/ did the laundry? Both of us. Trevor usually puts it in the washer and dryer, but I fold and put away.

♥ Who’s better with the computer? Hands down Trevor. I am technologically handicapped.

♥ Who drives when you are together? Oh Trevor does. He can't stand to be in the car when I am driving. I don't know why that is. I think I'm an excellent driver.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Back from Fantasy Land

Our trip to Disneyland is over. It is very bittersweet. My feet and legs are saying hallelujah, but everything else wishes we were still there. We had so much fun, I can't even begin to tell you. It's so surreal when you are there. We had 75 degree weather the entire time and it was fabulous. Keyton says his favorite ride was jungle cruise but I think it was really Buzz Lightyear. We had to go on it about 6 times. Keyton kept asking if everything was real or pretend. He found it all very fascinating. He thought Tarzan's tree house was "amazing" and he loved getting to meet all the characters. He just wanted to hug them all! He loved the Matterhorn which scared the crap out of me and the first thing he said when he got off of it was, "lets go again!" He wasn't scared of anything there. He had so much energy, I was very thankful to have my parents there to help tame him. When we got ready to leave I told Keyton to say bye to Disneyland and he was like, "Bye Disneyland, I love you." Anyway, we had a great time and here are a few pictures of our journey.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

I just had to give you a quick recap of my fabulous Valentines Day. My best friend Misty coaches high school cheer leading and had a competition that morning. Since Trevor was at work, I decided I would go watch it. I was driving down the street, pulled into the parking lot, looked in my mirror, and sure enough there was a cop with lights on behind me. Oh crap! I have no idea how long he had been following me. He was so rude and gave me a speeding ticket on Valentine's day. I mean come on, what kind of man gives a poor pregnant mom a ticket on Valentine's day. How rude is that! My kid is in the back seat, with his seat belt on, I have my seat belt on and he can't just give me a warning??? I know we shouldn't speed, and I hardly ever do, but I just wasn't paying too close attention, but aren't there better things for a cop to be doing than hiding in a parking lot radaring people. Go find some criminals or something!! Keyton was so worried about the whole situation. He looked back and said,
"Mom, why is there a police officer behind us."
ME: "Because Keyton he pulled me over."
Keyton: "Mom what is that police officer doing in his car."
Me: "writing me a ticket."
Keyton: "then he will give you the ticket?"
Me (bawling at this point): "Yes Keyton let's not talk about it anymore."
Then I called Trevor crying and he just laughed and said, "you must be pregnant." The last speeding ticket I got was when I was pregnant with Keyton. It must be my ritual. Good thing I don't have too many kids. I saw the cop later at the competition and showed keyton and he said he would go kick him in the knee for me. I love that kid!
Anyway, after the competition, we went to the ISU basketball game. Then I cooked crab legs for Trevor when he got home. So my present is Trevor paying my 75.00 ticket.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

And the countdown begins.....

It's off to Disneyland we go....
That's right, I know you are all soooo jealous. We are leaving for Disneyland in 10 days, and I think I am more excited than Keyton is! I just have to give you a brief history. When I was in high school my parents went to California to visit Sari. They were going to go to Disneyland, and they could not convince me to go with them. I recall saying something to the effect that I do not want to be intermixed with all those "cheesy" people at the "cheesiest" place on earth! I just didn't think it was my kind of place. Then, a year or two later, my parents decided to take me and Tessa with them to DisneyWorld. Of course I wasn't going to turn down a free trip to Florida, so I went and lets just say I've been addicted ever since. It truly is the happiest place on earth and soooo much fun!!!!!! When Keyton was 11 months old, my parents took our entire family to Disneyland and we had a great time. However, Keyton was too little to remember it, even though he loved every minute of it when we were there. Now that he is a little bigger and very VERY into Disney movies, I really wanted to take him again. Since this is our 5 year anniversary, I asked Trevor if this is what we could do for it. Of course he gave into me because he always gives me what I want and now we are going next week!!! I can't wait to see how much fun Keyton has, I know he is going to love it. Sorry I know this is long but I just have to tell you the cutest thing he does. For about 2 months now, he has been calling my dad and saying, "Grandpa, lets talk about Disneyland rides." And they will for like 30 minutes straight. It is sooo cute. So, 70 Degree weather here we come. (we better not get rained on) Can't wait!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yes, it's true!

So I think most people already know and have just been waiting for me to put it on my blog, but YES I am pregnant. I am about 20 weeks and just had my ultrasound today. If you can't already tell, it is another boy. I have really had my heart set on a girl, but Keyton has been dying for a brother. His wish came true. My due date is June 25 and I am already very anxious. We are very excited to raise another wild one. Everyone says this child is going to have to be one tough cookie to have Keyton as a big brother! We have already decided on a name (if we don't get some strange idea to change it) But I think he will be Seth Arnold Reddish. We liked Seth and Arnold is from Trevor's grandpa. So, no I'm not just gaining winter weight, in case you were wondering. Here is a pic of our cute little guy!