Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goodbye to Summer

As summer is ending and fall is in the air, I had to look back at some of our summer pictures. We started off the summer with a backpacking trip in Escalante which was a blast. It is one of the most amazingly beautiful areas I have ever been in. We visited 4 different zoos this summer and it was so fun. Of course Keyton loved it, but I was so surprised by how much Seth loved it. He thought the animals were so cool and could spot almost all of them. Then he would point at them and get very excited. We also loved going boating with Rick and Sari this summer. Keyton LOVED the tube and would ride it til his face turned green. He even got up on water skis by the end of the summer. He was very brave! Seth was just mesmerized by the boat and would make little motor sounds the entire time. Of course we had to go on a few camp trips (not enough I might add) and we really enjoyed having our new camper this summer. We love being outdoors and our kids love nothing more than digging in dirt and throwing rocks in any river, stream, lake, pond, etc. We took a few trips to the swimming pool, and I must say my kids are both little fish. Seth would run as fast as he could as deep as he could get and then just dive in and come up laughing. Keyton just never wanted to get out of the water and loved swimming around with his life jacket on. Other than that we just enjoyed being at home watching our kids slip and slide, swim in the pool, and run through the sprinkler. Keyton got pretty good on his bike this summer but still will not attempt no training wheels. He loved playing baseball with his neighborhood friends and has mastered the art of the "real baseball slide" . Seth has gotten so smart over the summer and understands most things I tell him, but he has yet to learn many words. Hopefully those will come soon. He learned to throw temper tantrums, and I must admit they are the cutest funniest things you have ever seen (for now). We enjoyed this summer and anytime that we got to spend together as a family. We look forward to fall and winter, but we will miss all this outside time.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Keyton Goes to Preschool

Keyton started preschool last Wednesday and he is loving it. His teacher is Miss Jen and he looks forward to going to her house every day. He thinks he can spend the night there but I keep telling him that is never going to happen. It was strange the first day having my house so quiet for 2 hrs. I know he will do great in school. He is such a smart kid and I love him to pieces.
P.S. I love how he poses himself for pictures.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


We have had such a busy and fun summer and it's kinda sad the end is coming. However, fall weather is my favorite. I love the cool evenings and seeing my apples ripen and my garden full! This has been an amazing summer and I didn't even accomplish half the things I wanted to. However, Trevor and I have both accomplished 2 things that are pretty big for us.

Trevor has been in the Army National Guard since he was 17. He loves the army and would do it full time if he had a nice enough wife. About 2 years ago, him and his friend Jared decided to apply for the Officer Candidate School. Trevor said he never thought he would be an officer, but he was really excited about the idea of doing it. He worked so hard to earn enough school credits and of course he got in. He started drilling in Boise, and he did that for 18 months. He also did a 2 week training in South Dakota and a 2 week training in Washington. He graduated in August and we are so proud of him! He had his graduation from OCS in Boise and it was cool to see him all dressed up in his dress uniform. He got a position in the Utah Guard so he commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant down in Draper this week. To finish up, he will have to do a 5 month training in Oklahoma. It will be a fun adventure for our family to experience living somewhere else. I just have to say how proud I am of him and how I admire his willingness to serve. Him signing up for OCS has also been a huge blessing because since he has schooling to finish, he will not have to deploy with all the other Idaho Guard right now. Disappointing for him, but a huge relief for me! My hearts go out to all families who have to give up their loved ones right now. Trevor's brother will be over there and it is a very scary thing. There is nothing greater than a soldier and his or her family!

Accomplishment number 2 is mine. Ever since my neighbor Chrissy ran the Ogden Marathon last year, I have wanted to run one. However, anyone who knows me knows I am NOT a long distance runner. Sprinting is more my thing. I had never ran over a mile before this year. So, in February, we set a goal to run the half marathon. Better to start with half right? We have been training all summer, and our race was this weekend. I am proud to say "I finished it!" My time was 2:12:28.7. I am extremely glad I did it and finished, but I must admit I still HATE running. How can people say it becomes an addiction???? No worries about me becoming addicted to it. I am setting a goal though to run the full marathon before I am 30. But for now, I think I'm ready for a running break.