Sunday, June 27, 2010

Seth Turns 1!

My baby turned 1 on Thursday! I can't believe it has already been a year. If feels like yesterday they were laying him in my arms. I must say that being a mom is the greatest gift in the world and I love being able to stay home and experience each milestone with them. Seth has been such a joy. He started out a huge home body and cried any time we tried to go anywhere. He has learned things very quickly... rolling over after a month, crawling at 5 months, and walking at 11 months. He just wants to be able to keep up with his big brother. He is so sweet when he smiles, his eyes just light up! He is kinda a mama's boy, but I am enjoying that for now. Some of the other things he can do now are: Say "mama" "dada" "ball", He loves wrestling with his brother, he LOVES to play ball and bat it around with his little baseball bat, he loves to make silly sounds and is always coming up with new ones, he loves being outside, and he loves water. We took him to the pool on Friday and it's a miracle he didn't drown. He just kept crawling out as deep as he could as fast as he could. He was a fish! This has been a great year and I look forward to witnessing another. Here are some pictures of the big day:
My friend helped me make this puppy dog cake
that looked just like his favorite stuffed animal that
he cannot sleep without!
Good Morning Birthday Boy!
Slip n Sliding
Seth loved making Root Beer
He tried to lick up the smoke

Seth with his Puppy
He loved opening presents at
first but got bored pretty quickly

He really enjoyed that cake!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Seth Walks!!!!

Yes! Seth has started walking. It all started about 2 weeks ago when he decided to start taking steps between furniture. He then went to pulling himself up on furniture, taking 2 steps and then falling down because he thought we were clapping and laughing at the falling down part. He has gotten really good since then and now he can stand up in the middle of the floor and just start walking. He is so smart and so cute and his big brother could not be prouder of him. Every time Seth starts walking, Keyton cheers him on and then yells for me to come see how good he is doing. These 2 are already becoming best friends.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What have we been doing lately?

I hope you can see Keyton's Tiger face in the small pic! (halarious)
and look at the cheeks on that smiling baby!
Don't you just want to kiss them?

Pictures could never do this place justice!

I feel like Lightning McQueen!

We have been so busy and I barely have a minute to myself to blog. But a little catch-up is necessary. In may, we went to Hogle Zoo and it was perfect weather. We stayed with some friends in their time share and it was so fun to get to relax and enjoy some time together. Then we went backpacking to Escalante a couple weekends ago, and it was a blast. I love that hike and am amazed by the scenery there. We also went camping last weekend and got snowed on. (gotta love that Idaho weather!) Most of my time has been consumed with coaching my niece's softball team. It is a lot of work and has made me appreciate the time and dedication my coaches put in for me. Why do we always learn these things too late in life???? My baby is going to be 1 this month and it is giving me anxiety! Where did the time go???? Seth loves to dance to music, throw a ball back and forth, watch his brother be crazy, EAT, and he is actually taking a few steps on his own. He is such a cutie and such a good boy. When we went to Escalante, it was my first time leaving him overnight and it was for 4 days. I was so worried, but he did great! I'd like to think I'm more needed than I actually am I guess. But it was priceless to see their little faces light up when we got home!