Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I copied this from a blog I love ( and thought she worded my feelings today so much better than I could myself. I just switched it around to suit my little Keyton

He came into our lives on January 12, 2006

At precisely 11:49 p.m., I became the mother of a bouncing baby boy.

At precisely 8:25 a.m. this morning, that same boy embarked on his first step of many in spreading his wings to ultimately leave our little nest:

He's starting kindergarten.

Where has the time gone?

It's been devoted to the bleary-eyed days I thought would never end just after we brought him home, rocking and nursing and watching around the clock.

It's been given to the days of coaxing and encouraging him through those early milestones - rolling, crawling, walking - and meticulously documenting every single one.

To the days we never got out of our pajamas, building blanket forts in the living room and reading his same favorite books over and over and over again.

To the days when his accomplishments made me immensely proud - amazed, even - and to the ones when his antics made me want to abandon ship the moment Daddy got home from work.

To the days, even just last night, when he asked me to snuggle with him at bedtime, and he reached out his hand to tickle my back while we both closed our eyes.

I never used to understand the mothers who went into mourning over seemingly small events like a first day of kindergarten. I am not an overly sentimental person. Truly. But motherhood - oh how it changes things.

For five sweet years, he has been all mine.

And now slowly, surely - in incremental steps that would be imperceptible to all but a mother's heart - I'll begin the bittersweet process of letting him test the foundation I've been diligently laying for him since that January night when he was first placed in my arms.

I love you Keyton and look forward to seeing you step off that bus today!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer '11

This summer has flown by, but we have definitely had a good time! It seemed like we never had a day off and if we did, we found something fun to do. My kids are always better behaved if we stay super busy. When we got home from Oklahoma, we were so excited to just hang out with family and friends. And we did it all summer!

The boys love to swim so we set up the pool in our front yard and had a great time with cousins. Then we got to go to Pat's for an Oklahoma Girls Reunion and swam there too. The boys were so excited to see their Oklahoma girls!

Keyton and Seth both love to go to Bear Lake and we only got to do that twice this summer. I love going there and soaking up sun while the kids build castles and splash in the water. Makes me want to be a kid again!

I swore I was NOT going to let Keyton play Tee ball this year because of how HORRIBLE he was last year. (Not a horrible player, just a naughty little stink. That sounded bad) but he begged, I gave in, and threatened him with his life that he better behave this year. And I must say, he did SO GOOD. He was such a good hitter this year and won a hitting competition on his team. He took it serious but had fun too which made it much more enjoyable for mom.

Seth was a character as usual and enjoyed tagging along behind anything Keyton was doing. This summer he turned from a baby to a big boy and it breaks my heart. Where did my baby go?????

And of course 4th of July. We had never been to Soda for the 4th so we decided to go this year. It was a ton of fun. Between the parade, games, and fireworks my kids were in heaven!
It was a good time. The 4th might just be my favorite holiday.

We got to do a couple camping trips before we discovered the sub floor in our camper was rotten and falling out. But that's a whole other story. My boys love camping and bring home as much dirt as they can possibly fit in their pockets and socks, oh yeah and then slather it on their skin and clothes cause that wasn't enough! But I love it. Nothing cuter than dirty camping face!

So yeah, that was basically our summer in a nut shell. It was fun and now sadly, it's over. Keyton starts Kindergarten this week and i am having really mixed feelings about this. He is SO ready to go. But it's killing me that I won't be there every second of his life to witness it and control what he gets exposed to. I know it sounds crazy but I make myself sick thinking about the things he might learn out there. But I need to look at all the positive things he will learn too. So goodbye summer 2011. Hope everyone else's was as fabulous as ours!