Tuesday, January 25, 2011


things are going pretty well in ok. we have been trying to stay busy and some days are even warm enough to go outside and play. we went to the bombing memorial and museum and it was very interesting. i kind of remember that happening but didnt know much about it. it was so sad to see the belongings of people that they recovered. and to see the sweet little kids who got killed just broke my heart. keyton kept asking why someone would want to kill little kids. i dont understand it either. we also went to the ok city zoo. we got there kinda late so we didnt get to see much of it. we will go back another day. here are a few pics i have taken with my phone since i cant get our regular computer to load any.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We are doing good in Oklahoma. Our internet stinks and it won't let me load any pictures. I'm hoping we can get better service but not sure that will happen. Our drive took 3 days and our kids did surprisingly well. No breakdowns or anything! Once we got here, we got our apt. and it was bigger than I was expecting but very nasty. It reminds me of an old nasty college apt that never got a good cleaning. Oh well, we are just glad we got a place. As soon as we got here, I got Keyton into Preschool. He goes to the elementary school on base everyday for a few hrs. He is loving it! He thinks he is so big cause he gets to go to the "real" school. Other than that, we haven't done too much yet. We are hoping to find something fun to do this weekend. We miss home and look forward to when we get to go back.