Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cat in the Hat

I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but haven't had time. The week of Keyton's birthday, I had preschool and I did a preschool birthday party. It was Cat in the Hat themed and we had a great time. We did lots of Dr. Suess themed games and then we had a surprise visitor. That's right.... Cat in the Hat came. I know you are all wondering who that handsome man in the suit is... yep that's my hubby. What a good sport he was when I came up with this idea. I didn't even have to beg him. He is seriously the best husband and dad ever.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Ok.... I can't procrastinate it any longer. But I think I need some help from all of you. Let me explain... Before I had Seth, I was going to the gym everyday and loved it. Then, the gym I was going to took away their daycare, making it impossible for me to go. So, naturally, I just quit going and paid the membership out. Now it is cancelled, and I am in serious need of some weight loss. Here's my dilemma, I can either join Fitness or Golds Gym. I've heard that Fitness has way better classes (which I am one that has to go to classes due to lack of self motivation) but the facility is outdated and a little bit scary if you want to know the truth. The daycare there is also this small room with no windows and looks like a dungeon but nice people watching the kids. But keep in mind... Good Classes. Gold's Gym is brand new, hotsy totsy, awesome daycare; however, I have heard the classes are horrible.
So, since I have been debating this for almost a year now, I'm calling on you to make a decision for me. PLEASE!!!!! Fitness or Golds??????

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Keyton!

Keyton turned 4 on Tuesday and it has been a week full of birthday fun for him. He got to have a family party and we had a party with his friends from preschool too. I made him a spiderman cake and he thought it was great, and we had a Dr. Suess birthday party with friends. He has been so funny about it though. He has a measuring stick in his room and he is still 3'4'' so we can not convince him that he is 4 years old because he "doesn't reach the 4 yet" Trevor tried explaining that he isn't 27 feet tall, but Keyton doesn't get it. So I guess he will be 3 for a little while longer which is fine with me. Some of Keyton's favorite things are:

- Wrestling his little brother

-playing Army guys

-his new Bakugans

-Reading books for hours

-He loves going to preschool and can almost write his name by himself.

-He wants to be a monster truck driver when he grows up and his truck will be named Lightning Bolt

-He also wants to be a boxer when he grows up

-He is still always good for snuggles, and tons of loves!

-Getting very good about helping mom out around the house

- Idolizes his dad and wants to be just like him

-Loves playing sports

-Says his favorite color is Silver!

Trevor and I adore this little guy and love getting to laugh at him daily. He is truly a character!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh my...

I just barely got Seth's blessing pictures from my sister, and as I was looking through them, it made me really sad. Why do babies have to get big so fast???? It's amazing to think he was so little just 6 months ago. I have to admit that when we found out Seth was not the girl I thought he was, I was pretty disappointed, but now I can't imagine my life without this little guy. I love seeing his face light up when I go to get him out of bed in the mornings, I love how he grabs my cheeks with all he's got and gives me the biggest kisses ever, and when I walk into a room how excited he gets thinking I'm going to pick him up. I love seeing him laugh at his big brother and try his very hardest to get across the room. I love how he smiles with his whole body and will give you a smile even if he is crying at the same time. I love being a mom and am soooo thankful I get to stay home to witness all of this!