Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dallas Zoo

We went to Dallas this last weekend, and I couldn't believe how big it is! We didn't know what to do there (we need a Dallas insider for advice) so we decided to take the kids to the Dallas Zoo. It was so fun, and the kids had a great time. They make it so easy to see the animals there and the animals were all very active. The elephants were chasing a group of birds, the chimps were running around and building nests, and the gorillas were moving all around as well. Maybe it was because it wasn't too hot yet, but I have never seen such active animals. Keyton's favorite animal was the "ghost of the bayou" (a white alligator) and I think Seth's favorite was the female Lion he got nose to nose to through the glass. The wall of the restaurant we ate at was glass and looked right into the lion exhibit. The lions sit there and watch you eat and play with the kids through the glass. Seth thought it was amazing! I did too honestly! It was a fun weekend with family and friends.

Riding the elephant!

Right after they touched noses he
looked back at me like "did you see that?"
He thought it was so cool.

Fitting in at the monkey exhibit!
(Keyton will correct me and tell me
chimps are not monkeys they are apes
because they don't have tails)

Thank you Dallas Zoo for good times!