Friday, August 21, 2009

New Family Pics.

We decided to get some new family pictures to include our little one (even though babies just don't photograph all that well) So here are some. But I just have to tell a little story. We were going to BL to get them done so we went down the night before. At 11:00 that night I realized I had forgotten all my makeup and we were getting pics done at 8 that morning. So, I had to wear my mom's makeup, which, if you know my mom, is about 10 shades too dark for me. Talk about bad luck when it comes to family picture time. Here is a collage of some of my favorites.

Monday, August 17, 2009

...when you're having fun!

Wow wE have BeeN so BusY laTley. sO a qUicK upDate: mY baBy iS gEttinG HUGE! anD I jusT thInK he iS sO stInkinG cuTe. I cUt KeyTon's hAir, AnD i'm Not sO suRe I LoVE iT, But It iS PretTY cuTE. AftEr hE lOokEd iN the MirRoR, hE SaiD, "mY HaIr Cut MadE My eArs grOw biGger." :) LaSt MoNdaY, wE RodE the TraIn in SodA with All ouR CouSins on TreVor'S siDe. It wAs waY Fun. tHeN, on ThurSdaY, wE weNT wItH SoMe FriEnds to SLC tO The AQuaRiuM tHerE. On fRiDay, wE WeNt to hoGle ZoO. KeYtOn goT to SpeND lOtS of tIme wItH hiS gIrlfrIEnd IsaBelL. SAturDaY, wE weNt OuT to TreVor's woRK anD goT tO taKE TouR. It waS InterEstTing to aCtuAlLy sEe whAt trEvOr doEs oUt thErE. Then YesTerDay, wE heAdED dOwN to BL, so wE coUlD GeT sOmE nEW famIlY pICs doNe thIs MorNInG. I LoVe staYinG bUsY buT thIS wEeK haS beEN CrAZy.!