Monday, November 30, 2009

Seth 5 months old

My sister came and took some pictures of Seth for me. I must say for how grumpy he was, we got some pretty good ones. See for yourself...


I love the holidays and getting to spend time with family. My family has always been very big into traditions, and I love going home to enjoy them once again and passing them onto my children. On Thanksgiving we always go to my Grandma Gloria's for dinner. It's always a good time and fabulous company.

It's so fun to watch Keyton get to play with his cousins. He looks forward to it so much, and they are finally at an age where they get along for the most part.

Me and my sisters got to hang out and chat while waiting for the turkey to cook. Chris isn't in these cause she went shooting with the guys. She's more ambitious than the rest of us. And finally picture of my haircut, it's only taken me a month to post one.

Here are the kids helping Grandpa put up the Christmas yard decorations. Trayton was the only one who really helped.

We always go get my parents a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and do a little sledding.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Got the Fever

Christmas Fever that is. I have been dying to put my tree up for weeks now and so, I finally did it. I know, it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I just tell people, "On Thanksgiving we can be thankful for Christmas." Right??? I must admit though, I am a little embarrassed, I try not to open my blinds so people won't see how ridiculous I am. So we just enjoy our Christmas decorations in private. I just love the Christmas season, and it always seems to go by way too fast. I can't wait until everyone gets their stuff put up and we can go drive around every night looking at Christmas lights. I love this time of year. The only thing that could make it better is some SNOW!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A New Outlet

I am starting a new blog about kids and the things they say. I seem to never be lacking in material, thanks to Keyton. Please check it out for a good laugh and maybe some life lessons. And please, share the funny things your kids say with me, so I can share them also. The website is

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is what happens when you only blog once a month!

Wow! I am a blog slacker. things have been sooo crazy around our house this last month. Will I ever get used to having to take care of 2 kids and a house? I'm beginning to wonder. Lets see, a little update on us: Trevor has been really busy with work and army. He is in Officer Candidate School and has to go to Boise quite a bit. We will be glad once he commissions. I have been staying busy with sick kids and housework. Sounds so exciting doesn't it? Some of our neighborhood moms got together and do a preschool with our kids at different houses each week. I got to do this week and it is really fun coming up with ways to entertain 8 three and four year olds for 3 hrs. I actually really like doing it. I have also been getting to spend more time with my sister Tessa since she moved here. It has been really nice because we are so far apart in age, we haven't been that close, and since she moved here, we have gotten so much closer. I really love it and love her to death. And, the day before Halloween, I decided to cut my hair. I cut 18 inches off the back and donated it to locks of love. It has been so weird since I have had long hair for a very long time. But, I just needed a change. Keyton is enjoying going to preschool and learning how to write his alphabet. He is always so eager to learn something new. He can tell you what "metamorphosis" is and loves to show off to everyone explaining it to them. He just finished up playing soccer and what an adventure that was. He just kinda tagged along in the back of the group and didn't seem all that impressed with the sport. I have to tell one funny story about him though. The other day, we went to watch my nephew Colby wrestle in his first match. Keyton was very excited to get to watch "the fight". As Colby was wrestling, Keyton was cheering him on. As soon as Keyton realized that Colby was about to lose, he yelled as loud as he could, "Punch him Colby!" Everyone around us cracked up laughing. He was just trying to help his cousin out. :) And finally baby Seth, he is growing like a weed. I think he is a giant baby. He dwarfs about every other kid his age. He is figuring out how to army crawl and doesn't hold still for 2 seconds. He loves his jumper and he really loves his mommy. I don't mean to brag, but when I'm around he can't take his eyes off me. What can I say? I have that effect on people. Haha. Sorry this is so long, but it's more for me than you guys. I need to write all this stuff down. Our Halloween was pretty fun. We went to Old Town trick or treating and then to a trunk or treat with my friend Misty, then we came home and watched a movie and passed out candy to our trick or treaters. Trevor was in Boise so I got to do it all on my own. It was alot of work! Keyton was Captain Jack Sparrow and Seth was a skunk (thanks to Andrea) and he also had some cute skeleton pjs he wore once he couldn't take the skunk costume anymore. So I think that's all I have. Adios and thanks for reading

Keyton tagging along in the back

Did Imention he's quite the thumb sucker.

I swore I would never let this happen!

Us at our Ward Trunk or Treat.

Trevor's behind the camera. I need some pics of him.

Cute Little kids if I say so myself

Crazy Jack Sparrow