Friday, February 18, 2011

Should I give in?

Look at the wings on that kid! Seth's hair is getting so long and I seriously love it. Here is my dilemma, Trevor thinks we should cut it. He says it is getting ridiculous and that he is starting to look like a girl. I am putting up a fight because I know once those first little baby curls are gone, 1: I am going to cry like a baby 2: it will come in course rather than the soft baby hair and 3: there will be no curl ever again. This is a battle Trevor and I have because he thinks our boys need short military hair and if it were up to me, I would NEVER cut it. So I feel like I have compromised with how Keyton and Seth both look right now. It was so cute because the other day Keyton looked in the mirror and then he says to me, "I look cool, I look just like Justin Bieber." I laughed so hard and told Trevor what he said that night. He just rolled his eyes with that look that says "great!" Then the very next day at school, this little boy ran up to Keyton and says to him, "I want my hair to look like Justin Bieber's, Just like yours!" It made Keyton's day. It drives Trevor CRAZY. And it makes me laugh! So, I need some advise, and please be honest with me...should I give in and shave their heads, do they really look like mop heads and/or girls, or should I stand my ground and continue to enjoy running my fingers through their luscious locks??? HEre is a recent pic of Keyton too:

Monday, February 7, 2011


Before Christmas, we had an early Birthday party for Keyton. He was very sad that he wouldn't be home for his birthday, so we told him we could have a party early so his friends and family could be there. We went to a fun little place called Outer Limits where we had pizza and played arcade games and then did some mini golfing. We all had such a good time and Keyton was very glad he got to have everyone there.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Army Boys

Yeah! I finally have new Internet that will load up pictures from my computer. So, now I have a lot of backtracking and catching up to do. Our boys think it is great that Trevor gets to wear his military uniform every day. Mostly because they get to wear the stuff when he gets home. Seth is obsessed with wearing hats lately and always has to have the hood of his jacket or coat on. He will even put his dinner on top of his head and say "hat". (No Seth Sloppy Joe's do not make good hats!) Keyton is loving getting to play with friends every day, but he is extremely outnumbered here. The only people we know all have 2 girls. He has no boys to play with but his little brother. Which is good too because they have learned to play so cute together since we got here. Seth thinks he is just as big as Keyton and will imitate him all day long. The other night I tried to put them to bed in the same bed and boy was that a disaster. They thought it was soooo funny and a chance to have a killer wrestling match. Back to the play-pen Seth. I had to sit by the door and listen for a while though. It is music to my ears to hear those two making each other laugh. Then, once Seth got back in his own bed, we could hear Keyton trying to teach Seth new words. "Seth say: hot" "Hot" "Seth say cocoa" "cocoa" "Good Job Bud". They are so sweet.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

from summer to winter in a week

this is what we were doing last week. playing at the park in seventy five degree weather. today... we r snowed in and have been for two days. the fort is shut down and all schools and roads are closed. it has been crazy. i had to stand in a two hr grocery line for bottled water, bread, and milk, and a few other essentials aka chocolate and snacks. everyone was panicking because last year they lost power for two weeks. luckily we still have power and water. we will keep our fingers crossed that we keep it.