Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Family Pictures

I've been wanting to get family pictures done all summer, but it was just always too crazy and busy. So then I said as soon as we got home from Mexico, we were going to get them done. Then we would be all tan and looking good! But then Trevor had a little accident in Mexico and had scabs and scars all down his face. So we have been waiting for that to heal up and for it to not be quite so pink. Finally they are done, and I don't have to worry about that for another year! Yeah!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Towboy hat and boots on

This is how we have found Seth sleeping a couple of nights in a row. In his "boots on" (that is what he calls his snow boots) and of course his towboy hat! I softly take them off and then first thing in the morning he asks, "where my boots on?" He loves this get up and wears if EVERYWHERE. I hid the snow boots the other day to see if he would forget about them and what did he go for? The complete opposite of snow boots, FLIP FLOPS. I don't know which is worse???? This boy cracks me up?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Addiction

I have spent many hours sitting in front of the computer lately doing something I swore I never would. (don't worry it's nothing too naughty) I have discovered the amazing world of digital scrapbooking. I love scrapbooking and always said I would never do it digitally because I love doing all the hands on stuff. Not to mention the fun scrapbook days with sisters and friends that I love to host. However, now that I am about 2 years behind in my scapbook because it is such an ordeal to get out all the stuff, try to make the pages with my boys crawling on top of me wanting to stamp, and working 6 hours and only completing 3 pages, I have come to the conclusion... somethings got to give. So I started looking into digital scarpbooking and I love it! It still takes time, but it is a lot faster than doing it by hand. I just hope they print and look as cute as I'm imagining them. Anyone out there have any opinion? So I wanted to share a couple projects I have worked on this week:

Other than that, we are doing great! Keyton is loving school and is also doing swimming lessons right now. He is getting so big, it is so fun and so sad all at the same time. Sometimes he says the most grown up things, and it makes me laugh. Quick story: the other day driving him and his friend to swimming they were having this deep conversation about a mom whose husband died in Iraq and now she has to work to take care of her 5 kids (something I'm sure Payson heard from his mom) and Keyton said, "wow, that has got to be difficult" It made me smile to hear these little boys talking so grown up.

Seth is getting so smart and so sassy! He is a very stubborn child and I blame his father completely for that (he couldn't possibly have gotten it from me). He likes to yell even if it is just in everyday conversation. Plus he likes to say naughty things like, "I said NO" and "Don't tell me ever again". Usually those two phrases are followed by him slamming the door. Is it bad that I just laugh????? He is OBSESSED with his cowboy hat and snow boots. He has to wear them EVERYWHERE, and Trevor and I have caught him several nights sleeping in them. Silly Seth.

Now we are looking forward to Halloween and trying to plan our costumes. It should be a good time.