Thursday, February 2, 2012


January is already gone and it seemed to fly by. This has been a CRAZY winter. We have hardly had any snow and honestly, it's kinda depressing. I do like the winter months if there is snow, but just the cold plus mud is not very fun. January is an insane month for our family. We have 5 birthdays to celebrate in the first 2 weeks so we run around and get to see family alot, which we love! Also, our sweet Keyton has one of those birthdays and this year he turned 6. He is getting so big. I will do a separate birthday post for him. Other than that, here is what happened in our January.

We have only had a couple decent snowstorms,

so we have taken advantage of each one of them.

Trevor helped the boys build this amazing snowman

late one night.

Seth is getting so big! He is still my shy mama's boy

which I enjoy most of the time. He thinks potty training

is for the birds and may be 7 before he decides to try it (GRRRR)

But I just can't resist those eyes! Can't you see what I mean???

His favorite things to say right now are:

I can't like you

I can't like my bed

I can't like my dinner

(are you getting the idea?)

and still his ultimate favorite: NOOOOO!

He loves horses and always wants to go to grandpa's to ride.

They love that he is a little cowboy!

We finally got to meet our sweet little niece who

was 6 weeks preemie. And she is such a doll. I couldn't

put her down. I love that cuddly newborn phase!

And doing what are kids do the very best and at least

3 times a day: drinking hot chocolate. I should buy stock in Nesquick

because I'm sure they are making a killing off of our household!

But with those 2 faces how could you say no????