Monday, March 30, 2009

A Few Things

Just wanted to write about a few things that have been going on here at the Reddish household. This last weekend, my mom was on spring break so she came up to spend a couple days. The first night we had a spend over with Sari and her kids. Keyton wanted Harlee to sleep on his floor so bad and promised to go to sleep. After giving it a good shot, we had to move her downstairs so they could get some sleep. The next day we took them to the museum here on campus. It had dinosaur bones and all sorts of cool stuff. I was quite impressed and Keyton thought it was "so cool!" Then on Saturday, Keyton had his very first T-Ball game. It was freezing cold, but I think he had a good time. They are all so little and cute but have no idea what is going on or what they are supposed to do. My mom's favorite part was the fact that Keyton had to run off the field twice to give her a kiss. He is such a mush face!
A little pregnancy update: I have been feeling pretty good. I am finally past the sickness phase and have not yet entered the swollen and hot phase, so things are going pretty well. He's a very busy baby in there and likes to play while I try to sleep, but he's just prepping me for no sleep when he gets here right? However, today was not so great. I had to do my glucose test this morning, so I went to the lab and took the nasty drink. I sat there for an hour then got my blood drawn, by this time is was a quarter after 10 and I had had nothing to eat since the night before. I thought (yes thought) that I was feeling fine and wanted to hurry home to get something to eat. Well, I pulled on to the onramp of the freeway to go home and got that nasty feeling when your mouth starts to water and you know you are going to throw up. Before I could even get over to the edge of the road to get out, I puked all over myself and all over my car! It was the worst!!!!! Orange sticky crap EVERYWHERE! Not so fun to clean up, but that's just my luck.

Friday, March 27, 2009

In response:

Lots of people asked me who took our family pictures and it was a girl named Amanda Couch her business is called Vivid Finish Photography and I think she did a really good job. You can check out her website at to see some of her work. And just a side note even though you made me all feel really good, we got these taken a couple months ago and I just got around to ordering them. I am big and pregnant now and just wish I still looked like that. But thanks for the compliments.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Family Pics

We hadn't had family pictures since Keyton was 1 so we finally got them just in time to have to get more when the baby comes. Here are some of my other favorites

The Family:

And just Keyton:

Friday, March 13, 2009

His 1st Pair of Tevas

Trevor was trying to sleep today, so I took Keyton downtown so the house could be quiet. It is never a good idea to go wondering around stores without an idea of what I NEED to buy. Cause then, I buy everything I see that I think is cute. But this find was worth it! Trevor is a bit of a "granola" (not full blown but a bit). He has his Subaru Outback, cargos, and Tevas. So, as soon as I saw Tevas in Keyton's size I knew Trevor would be so excited. I think they look so cute on his fat little feet. It makes me excited for spring to get here. Don't mind his gnarly toenails. But look how excited he is about them. How Cute!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Baby questionaire

1- Where were you when you found out? In my bathroom after taking a home pregnancy test.

2- Who did you first tell? I think we told Trevor's whole family first. We were at a dinner together at Perkins.

3- Did you find out the sex of the baby? Absolutely, it's hard enough waiting 20 weeks to know what you get to shop for.

4- Did you have morning sickness? Oh yes! I puked for 6 out of 9 months. Miserable!

5- How much weight did you gain? I could not even tell you. That was the furthest thing from my mind. As long as I had a healthy baby I knew it could all come off later.

6- Did you get any stretch marks? I got some on my legs during delivery but none on the belly. People say that Palmer's tummy butter won't stop them, but I swear by it.

7- Did you have any cravings? Gummy Watermelons! And that has not gone away since.

8- Were there any complications? Not with the baby.

9- When and where did you go into labor? I was started at the hospital and I swear I will never be started again.

10- Did your water break? It finally broke when I was at a 10 and I kept saying "I am peeing all over and I can't control it." Finally the nurse said, "sweetie, your water broke."

11- Who drove you to the hospital? I believe it was my sister in law Randee. Trevor was still at work when they started me.

12- Who was in the room for the birth? Just me and Trevor and Dr's and nurses

13- Was the baby born early or late? I made the Dr. start me one day after my due date.

14- How long were you in labor for? I didn't feel any contractions until about 9:30 that night, so just over 2 hours I guess.

15- Did you have any drugs for the pain? The anesthesiologist didn't get there in time for the epidural but I did get something called an intrathecal.

16- Natural or c-section? Natural

17- What was your first reaction after birth? To be honest, I don't remember, I think I was in some sort of daze after he came out. It's like you are in a whole different world.

18- How big was the baby? 7lbs. 15oz.

19- Date and time of birth? Thursday January 12, 2006 at 11:38pm. I was pushing for all I was worth so I didn't have a Friday the 13th baby.

20-Baby's name?Keyton Ezekiel Reddish

21- Does the name have any significant meaning? Nope. I've just wanted Key something since I was a little girl and Trevor picked the middle name.

22- Did the baby have any complications? NOPE

23- How old is the baby today? 3 years and 2 months old

25- Would you change anything about it? I wish I would have never gotten the intrathecal. It made me so sick. This time I am going without any drugs at all. At least that is the plan, but I might change my mind mid labor. And I will never be started again, I'm just going to let myself go when the baby is ready.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happenings in our home...

I have so much I want to blog about right now so bear with me, this might be a long one. First, I went to a Final Rose party last night with some friends and was completely appalled by Jason. Seriously, he has commitment issues and he doesn't care who he hurts along the way. He doesn't deserve any of these women and if Molly takes him back, she is crazy. Then today I was thinking how these are real women with real feelings and it is kinda sad that we watch them get hurt and find it entertaining. Although I love it, there is something messed up about reality TV.

Things have been pretty busy around our home. Last week (2 days after we got home from Disneyland) was Keyton's cousin Harlee's birthday. They did it Hawaiian themed so we all dressed up for it. It was so fun so I had to post some cute pictures of us. I must admit though, this made me a little anxious for summer to get here.

So, while we were gone on vaca, something really strange happened. I went to sleep not feeling too overly pregnant and woke up with this huge bump! Trevor was like, "wow that popped out of nowhere. I had forgotten that it seems like these changes happen overnight. Tessa says, "one day you don't look pregnant, and the next day you do." It still feels early though so I hope this isn't a sign that I am going to get huge. Keyton can't keep his hands and lips off my belly. He thinks his little brother needs a kiss every 10 min. Now that I am over the sickness, I am feeling pretty good. I still feel more tired than usual but not as bad as I was. I forgot how awesome it is to feel all the movement inside of you. I love to sit in the bath and watch my belly do the wave. I really do love being pregnant once I get over the throwing up part.


Keyton has been up to his usual mischief lately. We have been really struggling with temper tantrums and sassing lately. Some days me and him just go the rounds. He can be sooo good, but he can also be such a stinker.

He is so funny though. The other day he was trying to "help" Trevor do something with the tools and he told me, "I"m really struggling with this."

His new word to use is "prestead" he says it when he should be saying "instead" Like, "I decided I want a peanut butter sandwich prestead." I keep telling him that's not a word, but he is not catching on.

The other day, he went running down the hall and tripped and face planted into the toilet. He got a black eye from it and I am so jealous and proud because I have always wanted a black eye. So I had to get some pics of my tough little cookie:


When Trevor has had a minute or two during his crazy schedule, he has been redoing the bathroom in our bedroom. We have done all the work just the two of us and I have to say that I am very proud. We always have to ask my family to help us with projects like these, but we just had to call and ask for advise this time. It has been a long time coming, but it is almost done! I love the way it is turning out. Trevor did a great job and was very particular about everything. Other than that, Trevor has been so busy with school and work and guard it's ridiculous. He got his associates degree last month and is now going to work on his bachelors. I am very proud of him for that. Good work babe! He is trying to get into to OCS which is officer candidate school so he can become and officer in the army, and has just switched to a new crew at work which has been much better for him and us at home. He is alot happier there. SO, he is very busy but doing very well. I am very proud of all his accomplishments. Here are some pics of the new bathroom:

So as you can tell we have been very busy here lately, but that is what makes the time go by faster. Next project: painting the baby's room. Wish us luck!