Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From the mouth of Babes

I never write down the funny things Keyton says thinking I'll alwasy remember them. However, over time, I think I have forgotten most of them. So I thought I would reminesce for a minute and try to get some in writing somewhere. This is mostly for myself, but I hope you enjoy also.
-When Keyton was about 18 months, he had this old book that was his favorite. It told all the animal sounds. It even told you what a quail says. So people would always ask him, "Keyton, what does a quail say?" and in a very high pitched yell he would say, "Bobwhite" Who knew that's what a quail said!

-The Chistmas before Keyton turned 2 he got a Fisher Price Pirate Ship from Sari, Rick, and Harlee. It had this little gun that would shoot cannons. He loved to shoot his mom most of all. One time he shot me and I pretended like I was dying with all the sound effect and all. He immediately stops lauging comes running over to me with a concerned look on his face and says, "you alright mom, didya choke?"

-After Keyton tuned 2, we started the potty training process. Once you start potty training, you don't really get private potty time as a mom. They alwasy want to check it out. So, I told Keyton, "I have to go potty Keyton, I'll be upstairs." So, he runs over to the bottom of the stairs and yells up at me, "okay mom, FOCUS!" It never occured to me until then that is what I told him every time I sat him on the toilet.

-More recently, this Christmas, my parents came up to stay the night and take Keyton around to look at lights. We were driving down the road and Keyton must have twisted his neck wrong because he all of a sudden said, "ouch, my neck hurts." we all asked him what happened and he says, "maybe my hair bit me.........no, maybe my jacket hurt it.........(then after a pause) maybe it's just a zit." We were laughing so hard. Not two minutes later he was picking his nose (his favoirte past time) and we were telling him "that's sick" he just looked at us and said "I'm a buger eatin man."

-The other day Keyton was being Dad's little buddy and he came up to me and said, "Mom I'm gonna throw you in the garbage if you don't love Dad." All I could say is, "lucky for me, I do."

-And the funny of the week. Last week at church, Keyton was waiting on the edge of his seat for the sacrament to get to him. You could tell he was so excited. Well, he just couldn't wait any longer and puts his fingers up to his lips and with his voice goes, "whhoooo whaaaat" like a whistling sound. He thinks he knows how to whistle. Trevor looked at him whith a stern face, and Keyton looks at him and says,"I'm just trying to get it here faster." We both started laughing and had to really hold back to not disrupt even more.

Sometimes I wonder where kids come up with these things. They just listen to us way more than we think they do. Keyton's new thing when he wants one of his friends to do something naughty with them he'll say to them, "I have a great idea......" That's when we know to find out what this great idea is. He keeps me laughing everyday and I love him for it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Birthday Boy

Keyton's birthday was this week and he got to have a T-Rex party like he wanted. He had most of his friends and family here and he loved every minute of it. We ate dinner, opened presents, had cake and ice cream, and broke a pinata. He was very determined that all he wanted for his birthday was a pinata. That was easy enough and we were even nice enough to get him a couple other things too! He did not want to go to bed just so he could keep playing with his new toys. I think he had a great time and so did everyone else.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Day he was born...

I guess this is more for me than anyone else. I don't keep a journal so it's good for me to write this story down and remember it. When we found out we were having a boy, I was so excited. I wanted all my kids to have a big brother. I had liked the name Keyton or Keygan since I was a little girl and Trevor liked Keyton a little better. Then I told Trevor he could pick the middle name and he came up with Ezekiel. I loved it. Keyton Ezekiel Reddish.

I was due with Keyton on Jan 11, and when I didn't go into labor that morning, I called my Dr. to see if he would start me but there wasn't room that day. So, he scheduled me for the next day. I was so nervous and excited to see this kid. I went in at 2:00 that afternoon and they hooked me up to the pit. What seemed like forever, but it was actually around 9:00 pm I started feeling contractions. They kept getting harder and harder and they came and checked me at 10:00 and said I was at a 5 so I could have my epidural. They went to find the lady who was supposed to give it and she had gone home, so they called her back. The pains were getting so bad as time went on, and then I started to feel like he was coming out. Trevor had left because he didn't want to see the epidural needle, so I told my mom, " I think he's coming out!" She immediately went and found the nurse who said there was no way, first babies don't come that fast. But she said she would check me and when she did, sure enough I was at a 10. Then of course who walks in, the anesthesiologist. Perfect timing NOT! You're about 30 min late. She was telling me that it would take 15 min to get the needle in and 15 min to take effect and I was screaming, "he's already coming! You're too late" I was not happy. So then she ended up giving me a different shot that is automatically effective, but I was so allergic to it. I made me itch and throw up soooo bad. Finally someone found Trevor and told him to get back in the room, and he showed up in time for me to start pushing. after about 30 min of pushing, Keyton was born at 11:38 pm. He weighed 7lbs 15oz, was 20 in. long, and had a full head of black hair. He was so beautiful. It was a painful experience, but so worth it. And I have decided that since I lived through all the pain with him and was only numb for the pushing, my next one I am not having any pain medication (if all goes as fast again). Having a baby is so surreal and painful, but the blessings that come afterward are amazing! I love hearing labor stories so please share yours with me too!